Apartment Security Management Solution

Apartment Security Management Solution

Apartment security is always an incredibly demanding security scenario. People need not just security around their home, but a better residential experience with it. Built on a system of security, we offer an innovative entry & exit experience to boost rush hour efficiency for both residents and walk-in visitors. Also, AI-empowered video security stands like a reassuring guard 24/7.

Vehicle entrance & exit

Challenges: Physical ID check at entries and exits can be inconvenient and time-consuming during rush hours, and difficult to trace back for incident investigation.

Rush hour congestion

Difficulty retrieving records

What we offer

A hands-free, authenticated drive-through system elevates the residential experience and boosts rush hour efficiency with easy-to-retrieve records – also enhancing security management.


Secure and efficient vehicle egress

  • Hands-free, non-stop, authenticated drive through
  • Support for block-list alarm / VIP notification

Operational efficiency boost

  • Easy-to-retrieve records via “fuzzy” license plate match
  • Automated alarm push for block-list vehicle and full parking area

Simple, adaptable deployment

  • Card and video intercom in one unit
  • Adaptable in scenarios with or without attendant booth


  • Authenticated vehicle access using ANPR or ID card
  • Support for granting access remotely via video intercom
  • Vehicle records and parking statistics reports
  • LED display of available spaces and other parking info