Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls

Shrinkage is on the rise, budgets are tightening, but customers expect more. Our solutions for Shopping Malls can help you attract and satisfy a larger audience with nicer shops, easier navigation, better parking experience, while enhancing the overall security in a proactive way.

Vehicle entrance & exit

Challenges: Attracting and retaining customer traffic is a key factor for any successful shopping mall operation. Shopping mall managers are increasingly in search of means to that help enhance their services, evaluate the tenant mix, and assess marketing activities.

Difficult to evaluate tenant mix

Hard to evaluate marketing activity effect

What we offer

With AIoT people counting system, the shopping mall would have a better understanding about the customer traffic when shoppers are moving from the entrance to the floor and from the floor to the store.

Mall Traffic Analysis

Capture the customer traffic data of every floor and the various areas of the mall.

  • Evaluate rent rates by analyzing main store traffic
  • Prevent long wait times for services or payment counters with queue management

Floor Traffic Analysis

Gain insights on foot traffic and flow across the whole shopping mall, assess risks and search out new opportunities.

  • Discover the busy hours and arrange staff accordingly
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts
  • Take advantage of the data for the most potent ad placement

Store Traffic Analysis

Provide services for tenants, such as improving sales performance by providing multidimensional customer traffic data at their store.

  • Assess walk-in rates
  • Check which areas are most popular
  • Assess the appeal of various brands and products