Warehouse Security Solution

Warehouse Security Solution

Loss prevention and efficient operations are the two main concerns for warehouse operators. That’s why Hikvision offers an all-encompassing solution for these busy enterprises, focusing on four critical components: improving comprehensive safety with top-notch security solutions, enhancing warehouse-traffic management, improving dock scheduling capabilities, and keeping track of parcels at all times. All together, Hikvision’s warehouse management solution aims to build a more secure and more intelligent warehouse.

Vehicle entrance & exit

Challenges: With a large number of people, vehicles, and goods moving through the warehouse every hour, it is important to ensure the comprehensive security of the warehouse and personnel with enhanced efficiency. Next, preventing goods from theft or fire to minimize loss is the second priority. Below, you will see how Hikvision’s advanced warehouse management technologies address these concerns – and more.

Unattended warehouse perimeters security

Unmonitored critical areas security

What we offer

To enhance the general security of logistics parks with a focus on personnel, goods and vehicles, Hikvision offers corresponding functions powered by video, thermographic, and AI technologies.


  • Comprehensive warehouse security monitoring of personnel and goods for logistics operators
  • Visitor and staff protection with automated Access Control and Attendance Management
  • Touch-free, preemptive, and visualized fire hazard prevention to minimize property loss
  • Centralized management through the HikCentral Platform and dashboard for all the data from vehicles, employees, events, alarms and more, contributing to enhanced operation efficiency and smarter decision making.


  • Perimeter and key area monitoring using thermographic cameras and panoramic cameras
  • Comprehensive and intelligent Access Control and Attendance Management using face recognition technology
  • Warehouse temperature detection and timely alarms for fire prevention
  • Visualized Logistics Dashboard for the entire logistics park for intuitive monitoring